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From Local SEO to eCommerce SEO, we got you covered. We have the best digital marketing team that works round the clock to provide you with customized solutions for your business. No SEO task is too small or big for us. Let us be your go-to SEO experts and your business will never be the same again.

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SEO Services for constant lead generation

When you want to grow limitlessly with your business, there’s only one SEO agency you should count on for constant lead generation and painless customer service- 12AM Agency! We are a serial award-winning agency with a clean track record to show. Do you want to see what our clients say about us? Here are our case studies and testimonials.

Whether you would like an SEO specialist to help you optimize your website for search engines from scratch or offer you a single service as a patch up to your existing SEO strategies, we got you covered. From SEO audit and competitor analysis to SEO content creation and call tracking, we offer a wide array of services which are customized to the unique needs of each of our client’s business.

We know what engines wants your site to have to give it a high rank on search page results. We will easily identify what prevents your site from getting the online visibility it needs to generate your target leads and sort it out with utmost professionalism and on time.

Are you ready to have an SEO strategy that will appeal to your online target audience at the right time and place? Get in touch with us now and we’ll discuss with you the way forward.

12AM SEO Services

SEO Audit

Our team uses an array of reliable SEO tools to perform a comprehensive technical, on-site and off-site SEO audit of your website. The review will help you and us to discover the site’s areas that require improvement and the opportunities that you can consider to create competitive SEO strategies.

Competitor Analysis

As part of our SEO Services we have efficient and accurate tools and unrivaled expertise to discover important information that tells you how strong your competitor is and help you identify the competitor’s weaknesses that you can take advantage of. The analysis includes information about the competitor’s website’s domain authority, backlink data, headline strategies, content length, catalog listings, traffic volumes, signals and indexing in search engines.

Backlink research

Our backlink research involves analyzing your site’s backlink profiles to understand where you are doing well and the areas you need to improve on to earn more quality backlinks. Also, we’ll analyze the backlink profiles of your competitors to discover what makes their content earn the backlinks they have and identify more go-to linking opportunities for your site.

Backlink gap analysis

Our backlink gap analysis results will show you the websites that are linking to the websites of your competitors but not to yours. This helps you to find more websites that you can link to, to get more traffic and quality leads.

Keyword research

With our keyword research, you’ll be able to reach your target customers more easily by adapting to their searches. We’ll provide you with the best set of keywords to use in your website content, blogs, ads and title tags, among other applicable areas.

Keyword gap analysis

Our keyword GAP Analysis involves the identification of the keywords that attract traffic to your competitor’s website but not to yours. This helps you to create valuable content with the terms and phrases that are highly sought by your audience but currently missing on your site.

Meta tag optimization

Meta tags tell your website’s users and search engines what a site’s page is about and guide the search engines on how to index it. We use our expertise to identify the best meta tag types to use on your website for optimization in different search engines.

Indexability optimization

Acting like a guide or instruction manual for web crawlers to index your site pages, your robots.txt file and Sitemap.xml should be optimized for improved indexability of your site on search engines. Although indexability optimization is like rocket science to many digital marketers, it’s a walkover for our digital experts.

Google My Business optimization

Do you want to improve the local ranking of your business using Google My Business? We can help you to submit all the information that the free Google resource needs to increase the visibility of the business in the local search engine results.

Local SEO

We have in-depth expertise in array of strategies that can be incorporated in your business’ marketing techniques to have its products be in front of local customers at the very time they are looking for them online. We are the SEO experts to count on to maximize your chances of generating business locally.

eCommerce SEO

From e-commerce keyword research, content marketing and link building to technical SEO audit, we’ll offer you any service that your online store needs to get to the top of SERPs. We can help you to exploit the power of organic marketing to the maximum.

Google Analytics setup and conversion tracking

With our SEO Services we will help you with Google Analytics setup to enable you to get powerful insights about the visitors of your website on time. Also, as a business owner you’d want to see how many clicks on your ads are resulting in sales, so we will help you keep track of your ads campaign conversion using a reliable tool like Google Ads Conversion Tracking, or Call tracking.

Image optimization

In as much as images are crucial for your marketing, don’t let them slow down your site. At 12AM Agency, we can expertly improve your website’s page loading speed and get your product/decorative to rank highly on image search engines through our image optimization service.

Dedicated account manager

We assign you a dedicated account manager who you can count on for personalized on-demand support. The manager will be your point of contact for guidance and advice on an array of SEO issues.

Content creation

Get excellently crafted and customized content that will educate and website and guide your website users through the buying process. Whether you want a blog, service page content, product page content or long form content, we’ll provide you with fresh and quality copy that will propel the ranking of your website and ultimately boost the growth of your business.

Backlink analysis and disavow

Are you afraid that your site isn’t performing as per your expectations due to spammy low-quality backlinks? We can perform a backlink analysis to distinguish the high-quality backlinks from the low-quality and spammy ones and use Google Disavow Tool to tell Google the backlinks to ignore when assessing your site.

On-page optimizations

Even if you know nothing or little about on-page SEO, we can help you to establish what your site needs for on-page SEO factor optimization. We take a comprehensive approach to address all aspects of the SEO including page speed, header tags, images, alt tags, internal linking, webpage design, the responsiveness of a website on various devices and the quality and quantity of content published on your website.

Call tracking

Does your business get leads from phone calls? You can now track the sources of the phone calls made to the business and their subsequent conversions to assess effectiveness of your different marketing campaign and for various SEO purposes through our call tracking service.

12AM Dashboard

Our developers can create you a dashboard which will provide you with great intelligence regarding your business. The intelligence can help you big time in making informed decisions in your marketing strategies.

Looking for more leads and better position?

If you want to generate more leads and rank better on search engines from an SEO campaign, it’s crucial to engage a reputable SEO agency. This is because SEO is dynamic, requiring one to be regularly updated on the regular changes that affect it. Honestly, if you don’t specialize in the field, it’ll be a hard nut to crack.

Your core business activities leave you with insufficient time to learn new search engine optimization tricks. That’s why you need professional help, preferably from 12AM, because we are always on top SEO. It’s what we do and research day in day out. Besides, we are very passionate about our work and are committed to helping each of our clients get the best from their online adverting campaigns.

When you request for our help in lead generation strategy through SEO, we first seek to have an in-depth understanding of your business and its goals. Every business is unique and so, ‘one size fits all’ can’t apply for lead generation SEO. Whether you need on-page or off-page SEO, we got you covered.

Then we’ll analyze your current SEO strategies and the ranking of your business in various search engines. Our experts will also see the quality and quantity of leads that you are currently generating from your online marketing. Through the analysis, we’ll be able to identify the strengths that we can capitalize on to create more leads. If we find that you’ve missed out on something crucial in your advertising as far as SEO is concerned, we put that into consideration as well when creating for you a customized SEO plan. The plan detailing what ought to be done to improve the visibility of your business on the search engines and boost its lead generation capacity.

Whether your business is just a start up or has gone international, you can’t afford to overlook SEO if you want to stay ahead of the stiff online competition.

Custom SEO Service Packages

We understand that every business is unique and so are its needs. As such, we create unique strategies for every business we serve depending on their specific needs. We have a very competitive pricing model that guides us in establishing the amount a client will part with for a particular package of our SEO services. A very pocket-friendly pricing model for small/ medium businesses and large enterprises! However, that doesn’t mean that we are the cheapest in the market. Remember that cheap is expensive. We are just reasonable.

Our services are designed not only to bring traffic to your site, but also for quality lead generation and improved lead conversion. Our result-driven packages put your business right in front of the eyes of your (target) customers and engage them throughout the buying process for high conversions. This translates to consistently increasing revenue for your business.

We provide you with the flexibility to choose your most preferred SEO package, depending on your budget, website needs and goals. Our customized SEO packages include Local SEO Package, eCommerce Package, Growth Package and Enterprise Packages.

Each of our customized packages contains off-page as well as on-page SEO optimization features. Besides, each of them always complies with the constantly changing algorithm of various key search engines.

Search Engine Management Process

Our commitment to result-driven strategies has resulted in millions of leads and over a billion of revenues for our esteemed clients. We’d like you to bring you up to speed with our robust and ultra-effective search engine management process that has helped thousands of businesses achieve their marketing goals. From the first step (research) to the last (analysis), you’ll see how our SEO experts can boost your online presence, help you generate more leads and earn more revenues from your online marketing.

1. Research
When you contact us to help you in your SEO campaign, the first thing that our consultants do is to gather as much information and data as they can on your business, its competitors and the industry in which it operates. Then we use the data and information to create a result-oriented customized SEO plan for your business.

2. On-site optimization

Following the roadmap we created following the research we did, we’ll discuss with you what your website needs to rank higher on search engines. With your consent, we’ll make lots of minor and changes on your website for better recognition by search engines. Some of the on-site optimization activities we can do include internal linking, meta tag and meta description creation/changes, page HTML source code optimization and including catchy titles.

3. Content creation

Content is one of the major pillars of our SEO Services. We understand that the algorithms of the major search engines focus more on the content that does not only attract traffic to a website but also satisfy the needs of the users. As such, our content creation is based on the terms and phrases that your target audience mostly uses to search products within your niche online. These are what we call keywords.

So, we must do keyword research first to identify the best keywords around which we’ll create content. Rest assured that the content that we’ll create around the keywords will drive valuable traffic with fresh leads to your website, increasing your chances of making high-value sales.
We’ll help you have website SEO copy that converts, informative blogs to intrigue your target audience and educative long form copies.

Off-Page backlinks

One of the best ways to gain exposure online is to link up with trustworthy specialists within your business. Having established them in the first step of our SEO management process, it’s now time to connect with them through off-page backlinks. We can help you get more quality backlinks by creating valuable content including a link to your site on other online platforms or creating good rapport with other reputable sites to encourage them mention your brand, share your content and/or give you a vote of confidence. We also prepare and conduct viral marketing campaigns to promote off-page backlinks to your site.

A site with high value backlinks usually ranks better as compared to an equal site but with fewer backlinks. Besides, off-Page backlinks improve the perception of users towards the quality of your website.


Massive search traffic won’t be helpful if it doesn’t bring the desired end results. It’s meaningful if it brings reasonable conversions. That’s why our process goes past traffic generation. We analyze the results of the services we offer you to ensure that the resulting ROI (return on investment) is satisfactory. In case of a hiccup, we’ll be able to detect it during the analysis and address it on time for your satisfaction and success of your business. Our analysis includes conversion path analysis and improving your calls to action

Since SEO is dynamic, we’ll also keep on improving your SEO strategies to keep you ahead of the competition.

3. Content creation

Content is one of the major pillars of our SEO Services. We understand that the algorithms of the major search engines focus more on the content that does not only attract traffic to a website but also satisfy the needs of the users. As such, our content creation is based on the terms and phrases that your target audience mostly uses to search products within your niche online. These are what we call keywords.

So, we must do keyword research first to identify the best keywords around which we’ll create content. Rest assured that the content that we’ll create around the keywords will drive valuable traffic with fresh leads to your website, increasing your chances of making high-value sales.
We’ll help you have website SEO copy that converts, informative blogs to intrigue your target audience and educative long form copies.

Attorney and Law Firm Web Design Services

SEO is the backbone of web marketing, with each of its aspects boosting your online presence in a particular way. Let’s have a look at some of our major SEO management strategies and how they influence your online visibility.

Site’s SEO audit

An effective SEO plan results from a technical SEO audit of a website. While auditing your site for SEO, our experts can identify the areas that need improvement for you to rank higher on search engine result pages. The higher the rank, the more visible you get online.

Keyword Research

An SEO strategy without well-researched keywords has minimal chances of success. Keyword research helps a digital marketer to establish how the target audience searches for products within the industry/niche of his/her business. Primarily, the audience’s frequent search terms and phrases (keywords) are of great interest.

When incorporated in your content (blog posts and sales pages), the keywords makes your content more relevant and visible to your target users when they search using the terms on search engines. When they click on the content’s URL, they’ll be able to have a more in-depth look at your site and get to know more about your business.

Content creation

Content for SEO takes different forms including blog posts, online guides, service pages , podcasts, and videos. Written content with the keywords that your target users use mostly places you closer before them when they search using the terms/phrases. Here are specific benefits for each of these content types:

Blog posts:

Blogs are ideal for giving personal insights about your industry. Through a blog post, a reader will be able to assess your mastery of the industry that you serve. Depending on how factual, informative and interesting your blog posts are, you can attract massive traffic to your website through them and build great relationships with your content users.

Product/service pages:

Through your service or product pages, your website visitors will be able to access comprehensive details about what you offer. Depending on how you present your products on the pages and the way you price them, this is where the visitors who are interested in your products/services will most likely decide to respond to your call to action or not.

The pages are a must-see for potential and interested buyers as the information in them have much influence on their purchase decisions.


According to a study done by CouponFollow on January 2019 shows that 60% of millennials buy their purchases online. Also, the research shows that 40% of the purchases made from online market stores are done by millennials. Another report by eMarketer shows that about 92% of all millennial internet users watch digital videos at least once per day. Therefore, if millennials are part of your market segment, one of the best ways to reach them is to incorporate video marketing content in your SEO strategies.

Longform content:

This type of content has at least 2,000 per page. The longform content we create for you aims at showing your website users that you are well versed with various issues and topics within your industry. It leaves them craving for more nuggets of knowledge from you as they seek solutions to their problems. Their trust in you increases and they won’t mind sharing the content with other people, consequently boosting your online visibility.

On-page SEO

This type of SEO deals with optimizing your website’s features for better visibility on search engine searches. At 12 AM, we have a comprehensive approach to on-page SEO by focusing on everything on your website that influences your digital presence. Some of the areas we focus on include page speed, versatile mobile-responsiveness, content quality and multimedia.

Are you in search of quality SEO services to improve your digital visibility, generate more leads and attain your revenue goals? Get in touch with 12AM Agency and we’ll make your dreams come true.

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